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Hydrate and hold back
with the snacks

As we are working from home, it is much easier to want to walk to the fridge and snack frequently. It is beneficial to choose low sugar snacks, as foods that are high in sugars attack our tooth enamel, leading to cavities. The more frequently you have these types of foods the more damage that occurs to your teeth.

You are better to eat a sugary treat such as chocolate all at once, after a main meal, rather than grazing on small bits of chocolate all day. And why after a main meal? There will be more saliva present in your mouth to buffer the effects of the sugar.

Saliva for most is something that is produced normally and available in adequate amounts. However for some individuals the quality and quantity of saliva may be affected due to systemic factors or medications, causing a dry mouth. This can make eating more difficult, make the mouth feel uncomfortable, or increase one’s risk to dental decay.

At your dental visits please discuss any changes to your medical history or if you notice any changes to your mouth. This will help in recommending products aimed to mimic saliva or prevent decay, helping you to feel more comfortable. Small frequent sips of tap water can also be beneficial in keeping you hydrated and your mouth from feeling dry.

It has been highlighted in the news that the amount of alcohol being purchased increased during the isolation period. It is certainly fine to enjoy drinking in healthy amounts, however be mindful that alcoholic beverages such as wine are very acidic. This can cause erosion of your enamel and lead to teeth sensitivity. Ensure you are hydrating with water throughout the day as it is the best option for your body, brain and teeth.

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